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My Story

Growing up in central Vermont, I developed a love for mid-century graphics and design through what most people might call an unusual art form.  A child of the 80's, I was primarily enthralled with unicorns and neon rainbows, but every time a holiday or occasion rolled around, I became obsessed with the vintage wrapping paper that my Nana would carefully wrap our gifts with.  She had worked in a small New England wrapping paper factory during the 1950's and amassed a comprehensive selection of samples and remnants.  Every gift, from playing cards to toothpaste, was wrapped in this paper; each a spectacular sight of vivid graphics and color.  A collector of sorts, she never threw out a scrap and made sure nothing ever went to waste.  



As an Industrial Designer, my love for the organic yet functional lines and the vibrant energy of the 1950's wrapping paper remained with me.  Combined with the idea of a simpler lifestyle and a yearning for products that were built to last, I found myself designing for companies that in some way held the same beliefs.  At New Balance, I worked with leaders in domestic manufacturing, seeing first-hand the dedication and commitment to quality within the American workforce.  Pioneers in environmentally-preferred materials and practices, Timberland showed me the complexity and importance of sustainability.  I'm continually inspired by the people who have built these brands and the communities they belong to.



Today, I still look at the papers with wonderment and excitement.  Out of respect for the past and hope for the future, I created Evermore Living to repurpose the timeless graphics that sparked my interest in design and led me to a lifelong love of style, aesthetics, and environmentally-conscious manufacturing.  These graphics are given new life, as are the materials from which they are made from.  Like Nana, I don't want to let anything go to waste.  Always made with pride in the U.S.A. from environmentally-preferred materials, I hope you will love these products as much as I do.

Recycled Cotton

The yarn used in Evermore Living's products is made of pre-consumer recycled cotton whenever possible.  The suppliers we work with purchase unused cutting waste from large apparel manufacturers that would normally end up in a landfill or incinerator.  It is then sorted by fiber content and color, eliminating the use of any new dyes, chemicals/pesticides, or water.  The fibers are then blended with polyester and/or acrylic for strength, resiliency, and color-fastness which is spun into the yarn you see in our products.  Not only does the recycling process benefit our environment, but it also provides a truly unique aesthetic that is soft and luxurious, attainable only by the blending of recycled fibers.

Evermore Living is committed to supporting the American workforce and domestic manufacturing.  With some of the most dedicated and qualitative manufacturers in our backyard, there's no better place to make our products then right here at home!  All of our designs are created in York, Maine, a beautiful seaside village that we are lucky enough to call home.  We've partnered with a multi-generational family business that owns and operates their knitting facility just outside of New England.  Their years of experience in textiles and knitting, combined with their attention to detail are gorgeously illustrated in the luxurious products we create together.

Domestic Manufacturing

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